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how does frutels work?

frutels stops blemishes before they start by fighting the internal causes: stress, hormones, and diet.  based on cutting-edge science, frutels contains vitamins and minerals shown to strengthen the body against these internal causes and help clear skin of blemishes. 

unlike vitamins in pill form which are difficult for the body to use, frutels’ vitamin formula is blended into premium dark chocolate.  this makes the vitamins easily available to the body, along with the additional benefits of the great antioxidants found in dark chocolate.

all of the vitamins our body needs can be found in nature, so frutels doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.  frutels are truly good for you.

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using the right amount of frutels

our lives are constantly changing, and observing the signs your body sends you will tell you how many frutels you need. if you have a more stressful day, notice your hormones are flaring up, or sneak an extra sugary snack, your body may need more frutels to defend itself against the internal causes of acne. and some acne, such as back acne, may prove more persistent than others.

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are frutels right for me?

no matter what type of skin you have, frutels are right for you. unlike other acne products, frutels don’t contain any harsh chemicals. this means frutels won’t burn or bleach your skin, so its safe for people of all skin tones.

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**Results are from independent and in-house testing and are based on subjects' observation of their own skin; individual results may vary

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I just started using Frutels a couple weeks ago, and I already see a huge difference in how I look. Thank you so much for creating such a great product that actually works!