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Call us crazy, but by the time we polished off the entire box, our problem skin was less
blotchy and more glow-y
. Read more

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Got stress? Got hormones? Got acne? Work it all out with a little piece of chocolate...seriously. Read more

Today's beauty find: Frutels uses chocolate to clear your skin from pimples! What it is: Gone are the days when chocolate had a bad rep for causing pimples. Our new discovery? Frutels: dark chocolate bonbons that fight acne! Read more>>


Chocolate that's good for your skin?!! Yup that's what Frutels is saying.... it seems to me like Frutels are a good way to clear your skin from the inside out. Read more

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Yes please. Frutels...may very well be the answer to our prayers.Read more

 Better Nutrition

Six Firsts in Natural Beauty

Recently, [my research] and other nutritional research on acne and its hormonal, nutritional, and stress-related roots, has been incorporated into Frutels, a premium all-natural, sugar-free, high-grade, dark chocolate containing a proprietary, patent-pending blend of vitamins for acne. Kat James - June, 2009 Read more>>

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Beauty News: Candy That Gets Rid of Your Acne

Why it's cool: All you have to do is eat 2 to 4 pieces of chocolate a day. Sounds like hard work, right? Read more>>


Eat Chocolate to Cure Acne?

We have all learned that contrary to popular myth, chocolate does not cause acne. But cure it? That's the new spin from a product from Frutels. Read more>>

WTF: Eat Chocolate; Become Fresh Faced and Fabulous

Now, you could spend $70 on the latest face mask or skin cream or newfangled beauty product…or you could sit on the couch and eat chocolate.
The Modern Materialist - Read more>>

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An Acne Fighting Chocolate?

Well this may be one of the coolest inventions ever... For those of you who have heard the ever perpetuated myth that "chocolate causes acne", this is going to look really ironic.
Acne Magazine - Read more>


Frutels: Chocolate For Acne

Frutels LLC launched a healthy chocolate that is far different from other chocolates in the market. They introduced Frutels, the only chocolate candy that is tagged as the Acne Cure Candy because of its ingredients that are beneficial on our skin. Read more>>

Chocolate Against Acne

The confectionery manufacturer Frutels surprised with an incredible product: chocolate, which should help against acne. Read more>>


Just days ago, I was fighting for my life because of the annoying pimples. The battle continues. And look what I have found today. Frutels. Chocolate that can cure pimpeeees!!! June, 2009 Read more>>


Chocolate That Clears Acne.

You love chocolate. But remember hearing as a teen that chocolate caused acne? Well there's a new chocolate candy called Frutels, that claims to banish blemishes from the inside out. They may be on to something. The stress of daily life can cause us to reach for sweet treats that aren't the best for our skin. Read more>>

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Talk About Counterintuitive. Chocolate that Reduces Acne?

Chocolate doesn’t cause acne, it cures it...Packed with antioxidants and micro-nutrients, the chocolates assist the body’s defenses and clear up the skin from within, Frutels claims. Read more>>

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Munch This Chocolate, Bust Acne.

Yes! Oh, happy day: Frutels Acne Care in a Chocolate works from the "inside out" using micronutrients and antioxidants to clarify your skin. If that doesn't sound heavenly, I don't know what does. Read more>>

BeautyEditor Australia

Acne Fighting Chocolate. Really. But Put The Snickers Down. There's A Catch.

Okay, so we know by now that chocolate doesn’t cause pimples (out the window along with the old ‘shaving makes hairs grow back thicker’ myth)... The general idea is that it supports the system against the effect of hormones and stress – two of the key causes of breakouts. Read more>>


Yum! This Chocolate Treats Acne

Oddly enough, an ingredient that has long been associated with causing acne (turns out it doesn't) is now being used to help alleviate the condition. I think I have died and gone to heaven. Read more>>


Mintel's team of consumer products gurus, names Frutels one of the world's most innovative products. Frutels joins household names Kellogg's, General Foods and POM on this list! Read more>>

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A growing number of manufacturers are launching products positioned to treat and beautify the skin. Topical creams, moisturizers and cleansers are the traditional means to address skin problems; however, consumers are now looking to edible products for their beauty benefits. U.S. manufacturer Frutels’ Acne Care Chocolate is a premium line of all-natural dark chocolate that leverages a formula claiming to deliver powerful antioxidants and micro-nutrients for supporting the clarity of skin from the inside out. Read more>>

You wont believe me when i tell you this.
This is the answer to every gal's occasional blemish.
How can we look perfect when we are avoiding mirrors because we don't want to look at our flaws?
Fabulous fashionista's, do not fret! .
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"Acne treatment in a… candy? That’s what Frutels claim to be! The little bonbons are fruit flavoured


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better nutrition cover""Can you chew your way to clear skin? Possibly, with the help of Frutels, a sugar-free gummy and acne multivitamin in one. Packed with skin-friendly nutrients, Frutels boasts a 74% success rate, according to independent testing."

-Better Nutrition
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Press Releases:

7/7/08--Dermatologists in Denial: Controversial New Chocolate Nutraceutical Claims to be Good for Your Skin12/6/07--Marketing Powerhouse Wendy Banks Joins Frutels Advisory Board, 11/27/06--Beauty Mavens Given a Taste of Revolutionary New Acne Product


frutels recognized as one of the world's most innovative products in 2009 by